Marketing Chocolate

We are 13beans Craft Chocolate , the first Ukrainian producer of real melange chocolate.
We support the full cycle of making chocolate from cocoa bean to the tile.
Despite the fact that 13beans Craft Chocolate is a young company, we successfully cooperate with corporate clients and fulfill any orders for making batches of chocolate according to individual requirements and personalization according to customer’s sketches.


We make chocolate products of any shapes and sizes in any quantities.


Our products will not only be beautiful, but tasty. It is very important that your gift will surprise not only with the appearance, but also with the content.
Most companies, in pursuit of price, forget that they want to eat chocolate gifts. That taste will be an unexpected difference between our products and products of other manufacturers.
Speaking of content, we mean not only high-quality chocolate, but also nuts, berries, fruits and other fillers.


We work with corporate clients of any form of ownership.
We work with different price categories.
We work with orders of any volume.
We work with wishes of any complexity.

Features of cooperation with 13beans Craft Chocolate


The machine park of the company allows to make molds of any complexity, which significantly
shortens lead time.

Variety of options

In the production of souvenirs with an individual design, we use more than 20
types of chocolate that allows you to be flexible in calculating the cost of production

Simplicity and Speed ​​

In addition to making chocolate with personalization, we make chocolate gift sets.

How to fulfill the order for the manufacture of marketing chocolate:

Stage 1

Technical specifications for the manufacturer. Coordination of the number of products, their cost, production time.

Stage 2

Receiving materials for the manufacture of master models. Final price negotiation.

Stage 3

Conclusion of a contract and receipt of an advance payment from 70% to 80%, depending on the order – complexity, volumes and terms of manufacture are taken into account.

Stage 4

Producing an order by 13beans Craft Chocolate experts

Stage 5

Acceptance of the order, the signing of acts of acceptance. Final payment of the order

Stage 6

A sense of satisfaction from working with us. Good feedback about us and recommendations to your partners. Repeat order.

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